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Epic Red Camera Austin


The RED DRAGON 6K Sensor is a standard in the film production industry.  Compared to other video cameras the DRAGON 6K offers greater Dynamic Range which means you see more detail in the shadows and highlights of an image... like you would see in film.  The RED EPIC DRAGON is truly a Digital Cinema Camera.

Do I need 6K Resolution?

It may be overkill for some projects, but one benefit is the ability to "crop in" to make a tighter shot while in the editing process.  Also, 6K resolution is equal to about an 18MP still camera, so you are in essence capturing a continuous series of still frames (Motion Pictures) and can later "pull" these individual frames and save them as print quality still images.

Epic Red Camera Austin

6K Resolution

6K Resolution takes footage quality to the next level, allowing us to capture footage that can be used for almost any size project.


Forget about unusable footage. With the Red Epic HDRx technology, we are able to get a great look in even the harshest of lighting conditions. HDRx ensures the best and most realistic looking footage and lighting.

Red Camera Austin